Femslash Ficathon Reminder!
kim and kat
Just a friendly reminder that fics for the PR Femslash ficathon are due on the 7th! Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me. Either PM me or email me at Raider81827 @ yahoo.com.

Assignments are out!
kim and kat
Assignments for the Femslash Fic Exchange were just sent out. If you didn't recieve one please contact me. Either reply here, pm or email me. If there is a problem please don't hesitate to contact me!

Femslash Ficathon!
Today is the last day to sign up for the Femslash Ficathon! You can go here to sign up!

Reply to this post, PM or Email me with any questions or concerns! Thank you!

Femslash Ficathon!
kim and kat
The 2013 Power Rangers Femslash Ficathon is now open! After much consideration and asking around it was decided that this ficathon would be run on Ao3 this year. You can find it here.

The idea of the ficathon is to write a minimum of 750 words of fic centered around a femslash pairing from Power Rangers. Sign ups are open now, they close on July 15! Stories are due on Sept. 7th! I have the reveal date set for Sept. 13th, but fics will be revealed as soon as everyone has a fic.

If you need an Ao3 invite you can go here. If there are any questions or concerns please email me at raider81827 @ yahoo.com.

Much thanks to angel_negra and second_batgirl with their help in setting this up.

Alpha Madness!
Marvel - Girl Comics
I'm trying something a little different this year, and I give you Alpha Madness! I've listed everyone's prompts in alphabetical order by AO3 name. You can write any prompt, and then post it to the collection (or wherever else you want) and gift it to the person. There were so many excellent prompts this time - go ahead and fill a few!

Anolinde - In Space, Lightspeed, SPD, Time ForceCollapse )

Estirose - Dino Thunder, Lost Galaxy, RPMCollapse )

Fandomlvr - Samurai, Any Season, Mystic Force, Lightspeed RescueCollapse )

Gingayellow - Mystic Force, RPM, Time Force, Wild ForceCollapse )

Griddlebone - Mighty MorphinCollapse )

Hagar - Samurai, multi-seasonCollapse )

IndigoMay - Samurai, Operation Overdrive, Dino Thunder, Wild ForceCollapse )

jtrevizo - Mighty Morphin, Dino ThunderCollapse )

kiirotsubasa - MMPR/Zeo, Jungle Fury, Samurai, RPMCollapse )

Lilyleia78 - MMPR, Ninja Storm, Lost Galaxy, SPDCollapse )

M14Mouse - Jungle Fury, Mystic Force, Multi-season, Lost GalaxyCollapse )

Mathais - Multi-season, Turbo, Lightspeed RescueCollapse )

missmollyetc - Time Force, Lightspeed Rescue, Mystic Force, SPDCollapse )

Phantom - In Space, Lost GalaxyCollapse )

PockySquirrel - Any season, MMPR, Multi-season, Operation OverdriveCollapse )

PunkPinkPower - Ninja Storm, Multi-season, Lost Galaxy, SamuraiCollapse )

Purplestripe66 - In SpaceCollapse )

Queenriley - SPD, MMPR, Zeo, RPMCollapse )

Revieloutionne - Ninja Storm, Zordon era, Mystic ForceCollapse )

Rivulet027 - Space, Lost Galaxy, Turbo, Wild ForceCollapse )

Ryuutchi - Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, SPD, Ninja StormCollapse )

Sailor Sol - Zordon era, Lost Galaxy, Dino Thunder, Multi-seasonCollapse )

TheSecondBatgirl - MMPR, Zeo, Mutli-seasonCollapse )

tptigger - Multi-season, Samurai, Turbo, RPMCollapse )

VampirePaladin - Multi-season, Samurai, Turbo, RPMCollapse )

Wildforce71 - Space, Jungle Fury, Samurai, Wild ForceCollapse )

y2jdingo - Any season, Multi-seasonCollapse )

(no subject)
Marvel - Girl Comics

Hey everyone! Alpha fics are due today!

If you have any problems submitting your fic or if you need an extension please contact me at thesecondbatgirl @ gmail dot com.

Fics won't go up until all fics are in.

Femslash Ficathon Masterlist
A huge thank you to everyone who participated and an extra special thank you to Angel_Negra and pockythoughts for the help with this ficathon. I'm hoping to move us back to the orginal schedule next year.

Also if you're posting on AO3 there is a collection here.

The Masterlist will be crossposted to pr_slash! Tags will be added!

Now onto the good stuff:

Masterlist:Collapse )

Fic: Love Song (Ashley/Cassie)
Title Love Song
Author purplestripe66
Summary: The rangers all go their separate ways after CtD. After a particularly bad day, Ashley gets a surprise visit from one of them. Ashley/Cassie

Rated: G

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but I did write the song! You can tell cause it's about 2 sentences long.

A/N: Written for rosabelle for the Femslash Ficathon. Hope you like it! I may have gotten a little long winded there...

Love SongCollapse )

Fic: Learning to Live a Good Life (Aisha/Scorpina)
Title: Learning to Live a Good Life
Recipient: thesecondbatgirl
Author: rivulet027
Fandom: MMPR Post CtD
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Scorpina/Aisha
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Power Rangers. It’s not my toy box and I’m merely playing. I also own nothing to do with the Princess Bride or Bombay cats.
Summary: Finding that she’s turned good after CtD Scorpina heads to Earth and seeks out Aisha.
A/N: Thank you to pockythoughts and Angel_Negra for the encouragement.

Learning to Live a Good Life:Collapse )

Fic: And Miles To Go (Kim/Trini)
Title: And Miles To Go
Written For: Griddlebone
Rating: PG for kissing
Summary: “Has there ever been something you really wanted to do, but were scared to because you knew things could get really weird if you did?”

And Miles To Go:Collapse )


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