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Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange!
MMPR - Go Team!

Sign ups are open!

PR Femslash Ficathon!
Assignments were just sent out! If you didn't receive an email please let me know! Either PM me or my email is Rivulet027@gmail.com

Femslash Ficathon
Welcome to the fifth Femslash Ficathon! Sign ups are now open! Sign ups run through June 21st! Normally there is a month for sign ups, but I'm pushing it back to two weeks so that you'll have more time to write!

If you have any questions get a hold of me!

Alpha sign-ups are open!
MMPR - Go Team!

Sign up here

What is it?
A Power Rangers ficathon. You request four prompts. Someone writes one of your prompts. You write one of someone's prompts. Fic for everyone, so everyone wins! And it only has to be 750 words!

I only know *insert seasons here*!!

That's okay! There are many seasons and many fans and we can accommodate everybody!

Oh crap, real life ate me and I didn't get a chance to finish!!

Well, that is indeed a bummer. But worry not! We have a handy crew of Pinch Hitters waiting to get in and fill last-minute drops. However, if you drop out two years in a row, you won't be allowed to participate again until you write someone a treat.

My person didn't give me a gen request!

Well, your person didn't follow the rules. Feel free to write one of their shippy prompts as gen.

Which seasons of Power Rangers is this open to?

All of them!

Does that include super sentai?

No, just the currently aired seasons of Power Rangers. Super Megaforce is included, Dino Charge is not. Also not included - proposed seasons like Hexagon or that pitch for a Gobusters season.

What about the "new" teams included in Super Megaforce?

You can make ONE request about the new teams that were shown in Super Megaforce. Just know that you will be getting fic about whatever your author wants to make up as their backstory, not about the sentai they were based on. (So go ahead and ask why a version of Tommy showed up with the "Legendary Squadron.")

I haven't seen all the seasons, can I still sign up?

Of course! You only have to offer the seasons you've seen, and if you haven't seen anything after MMPR or haven't seen anything except Samurai, we'll still find a match for you.

Are crossover seasons allowed?

Allowed and encouraged! All the crossover fic! You know you want Hayley and Ms. Fairweather to date. Or at least the mod does.

Is there a treats collection?

Yes! You can write a treat here!

-You get to make FOUR requests.

-At least one of the requests must be gen, since we have a lot of genficcers in the fandom. You can request anything you like, but one of the requests has to be gen.

-Please try to keep to the spirit of the requests and avoid anything your recipient specifically lists as a dislike.

-Word minimum on fills is 750 words, please! Word maximum is when your fingers fall off. Unless you are using a voice-to-text program? Then it can be when you can no longer talk or convince people to talk for you.

-Sign-ups open October 2nd and run through October 18th. Assignments will go out by October 21st. Fics are due on January 4th and they will be posted as soon as all fics are in!

-No more than two requests may be holiday themed. Not everyone celebrates [holiday of choice] - we know the Rangers certainly don't!

-Stories must be self-contained. This means both a) no to-be continued fics and b) your recipient shouldn't have to go read another fic in order to read their gift fic.

Fics Are Up!
The PR Femslash Ficathon has posted! Thank you everyone for being patient! Please enjoy your fic! Collection is here. This year our most written pairing was Emily/Mia!

There are 3 Emily/Mia fics, 2 Summer/Tenaya fics, 1 Maya/Kendrix, 1 Serena/Lauren, 1 Dulcea/Delphine, 1 Gemma/Dr. K and 1 Syd/Z!

Update PR Femslash Ficathon
Today was the scheduled day for reveals and it may not happen today. Will keep you posted. Most fics are in and there is a great batch this year! They will be revealed ASAP!

In the meantime I've made the requests visible! If you would like to write another fic you are more than welcome to, just please add it to the collection. It will be quickly approved and made visible! .

You can go here to view the 2014 requests. I made the 2013 requests visible as well!

Thank you!

Power Rangers Femslash Ficathon!
There are four more days to sign up for the PR Femslash Ficathon! You can sign up here.

Assignments are due on Sept 7 and it's only 750 words! Thank you!

Alpha Fics due soon!
Marvel - Girl Comics

Reminder! Fics for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange are due January 4th at 11:59pm eastern time. I am traveling on the 5th, but I will assign all pinch hits before I leave.

If you have any problems submitting your fic or if you need an extension please contact me at thesecondbatgirl @ gmail dot com.

Fics won't go up until all fics are in.

Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange!
MMPR - Go Team!

Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange Signups are now open!!!!! Signups are being run on AO3 this year. If you don't have an account, you can request an invitation to the archive, or you can email me at thesecondbatgirl @ gmail dot com since I put in a request for invitations so people can signup for the ficathon.

The fic exchange is pretty simple - you put in four requests, at least one of them has to be gen. Then you are assigned someone and you have to write 750 words and they write you 750 words! It worked out really well last year and we got some AMAZING fics. Don't worry if you only know one season - that's fine! We'll find you a match.

If you need help filling out the signup form there's a tutorial here or you can email me at thesecondbatgirl @ gmail dot com

Signups will close on October 18th. Fics are not due until January 4th, so you have plenty of time to write!

Yay ficathon!

Femslash Ficathon
Karone remembers
Hi everyone! Due to a family emergency and several requests I'm extending the due date on fics to Monday Sept. 9th. I'm sorry that I was unavailable today. Any questions or concerns please email or PM me. I do have a 12 hr shift tomorrow, but will get back to everyone as soon as possible.