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Femslash Ficathon!
kim and kat
rivulet027 wrote in prficathons

First off a thank you to second_batgirl for letting me borrow her holiday fic rules.

So what are we doing?

This is a femslash ficathon! You write 750 words of a Power Rangers femslash pairing and someone writes you 750 words. More femslash fic for everyone!

Sign ups: June 9th to July 9th
Assignments sent out: July 21st
Assignments in by Sept 7th
Pinch Hits in by Sept 21
Posting of stories: Sept 28th


Fics must be emailed to raider81827 @ No fics will be posted until everyone has a fic.

Fics must have:
-a title
- your recipient's name
- a summary
- a rating
- a cut tag
- pairing/warning/spoiler info if appropriate


You get to make FOUR requests. Please give a pairing and a prompt. It helps to have different pairings from different seasons to make matching easier.

So my requests would be:

Once a Ranger: Tori/Kira – teammates
Lightspeed Rescue: Kelsey/Nancy – pet stores
Lost Galaxy: Kendrix/Maya – best friends
SPD: Syd/Z – Getting to know one another

You also need to OFFER seasons/characters/etc. The more you can offer, the easier it is to find you a match!

My offers:

Any season, any pairing.

What I can’t write: Mentor/student, non-con, char bashing, anything above an R rating

Please add anything else you would like your writer to know: likes/dislikes


Let me know as soon as possible so I can find a pinch hitter.

Any questions please email at raider81827 @

To sign up, copy and paste from the box, and leave it in a comment.

Also if anyone is interesting in helping me run this please send me an email or pm. Thank you!

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User name: Rivulet027
e-mail Raider81827 @
Request 1 Once a Ranger: Tori/Kira – teammates
Request 2 Lightspeed Rescue: Kelsey/Nancy – pet stores
Request 3 Lost Galaxy: Kendrix/Maya – best friends
Request 4 SPD: Syd/Z – Getting to know one another
My offers Any season, any pairing.
Things I cannot write Mentor/student, non-con, char bashing, anything above an R rating
Anything else? Can’t think of anything.
Can you pinch hit? Of course!

User name: second_batgirl
e-mail: thesecondbatgirl @ gmail
Request 1: Kim/Kat - Reunion
Request 2: Kim/Aisha - First time
Request 3: Jen/Taylor - Negotiations
Request 4: Alyssa/Shayla - Regret
My offers: all seasons
Things I cannot write: incest, non-con. I am not very good at smut, but I'll give it a try if you need me to
Anything else? Just let me know what you need!
Can you pinch hit?: Of course!

Edited at 2011-07-02 01:29 am (UTC)

User name: pockythoughts
e-mail pockysquirrel at yahoo dot com
Request 1 Ashley/Karone - Redemption
Request 2 Dana/Kelsey - Role reversal
Request 3 Kim/Aisha - Victoria's Secret? (AKA the horrible prompt I came up with in that horrible meme that time)
Request 4 Gemma/Dr. K - Personal space, or lack thereof
My offers All seasons but OO and NS.
Things I cannot write OO and NS, sex beyond that of the fade-to-black variety, detailed fight scenes, triads/threesomes.
Anything else? These prompts are kinda naughty and I feel like I owe the comm an apology. ._.
Can you pinch hit? Erm...only if you absolutely need me to?

User name:: psyco_chick32
Request 1: Kim/Aisha - moving in together (high school OR after)
Request 2: Kim/Trini - Trini is the reason for the letter
Request 3: Emily/Mia - Training-turned-sexy-times
Request 4: Aisha/Trini - "passing the power"

My offers: MMPR (all 3 seasons), In Space (though I'm shaky, since I haven't seen Turbo), Dino Thunder, Samurai. I like to write explicit, but can't promise I'm very good at it ;)

Things I cannot write: Mentor/Student, major age difference

Anything else? I like all genres :D Porn is a plus, but fluff and hurt/comfort are my FAVORITES.

Can you pinch hit? Maybe? I'd like to, but it depends on the seasons.

Hope I'm not too late?

User name: shigeki_JKP
Request 1 Once A Ranger, Tori/Kira, lovers
Request 2 PRS Mia/Emily, cuddling
Request 3 MMPR Kim/Trini, snuggling/ smut
Request 4 PRiS Ashley/Cassie, picnic
My offers MMPR to Zeo, TF through SPD JF through now. Also? PORN
Things I cannot write OO, LG, LSR can't work those seasons
Anything else? Uhm... I write slow?
Can you pinch hit? Sure why not?

User name: PunkPinkPower
Request 1 SPD - Z/Syd - Adjusting to sleeping in the same bed
Request 2 PRLG - Kendrix/Karone - Sharing the power
Request 3 JF - Lily/Fran - Snuggle/cuddle
Request 4 PRS - Mia/Emily - Wedding dress talk
My offers Pretty much every season but OO or DT. Especially Syd/Z or Mia/Emily.
Things I cannot write Kira Characterization. If you are okay with her being OCC, then I can do it, but she never comes out right for me. And RPM characters- same problem.
Anything else? Can they go a little over 750 words? I tend not to keep track once writing. And can we request more than one prompt if we finish early?
Can you pinch hit? Probably not?

User name: y2jdingo
E-mail: rejected_loser_babe (at)
Request 1: Ronny/Rose - wardrobe emergency/malfunction
Request 2: Lily/Fran - after the catfight in Bad to the Bone
Request 3: Vida(or Madison)/anyone - meeting a famous DJ('s sister) and realizing you share certain...similarities
Request 4: Karone/Maya - can't replace Kendrix, doesn't want to try, but this is something Kendrix never did
My offers: Any season, excepting Trini-era MMPR & Samurai
Things I cannot write: Would be a bit hesitant on writing one half of reasonably canon couples (eg Kat/Tommy, Andros/Ashley) but would give it a red-hot go
Anything else?: I kissed a girl and I liked it.
Can you pinch hit?: Unfortunately not this time.

Edited at 2011-06-11 12:37 pm (UTC)

User name: lelola
E-mail: Can I DM it to you? :3;;?
Request 1: Ronny/Rose - undercover
Request 2: Mia/Emily - girls night in!
Request 3: Kendrix/Maya - reunions
Request 4: Dana/Kelsey - Kelsey takes Dana rollerblading/rock climbing
My offers: any seasons but MM, Zeo, LR, DT, and WF (not because I don't like them, but because I'm not sure I can write them)
Things I cannot write: mentor/student, non-con,
Anything else?: To whoever gets me: if any of my prompts don't work for you, then ignore them and write what you want to write for the pairing. I'm not picky. ;3
Can you pinch hit?: Maybe? Depends on my schedule.

User name: purplestripe66
e-mail: The same as my user name at
Request 1: Karone/Ashley - Happy fluff
Request 2:Astronema/Cassie - Consensual one night stand after From Out of Nowhere (Based on that scene where Astronema's holding them all and Cassie says 'we would never help you')
Request 3: Z/Z(/Z) - Porn
Request 4: Syd/Z - Summertime Fun
My offers: PRiS, SPD
Things I cannot write: Porn/sex scenes
Anything else? At the moment, I'm gonna be better at writing an established relationship fic rather than the beginning of one, but I can try if need be.
Can you pinch hit? Maybe. I wanna say yes but it's kinda far off so I don't wanna make promises.

User name: rchan
(General request note: rating is entirely up to the discretion of the author.)
Request 1: Kim/Trini, MMPR, pretty much anything, though fluff would be nice. ^_^
Request 2: Karone/Ashley, PRiS, consolation/comfort, replacement (because Andros really belongs with Zhane, right? ^_~)
Request 3: Karone/Cassie, PRiS, I'd love to see something with Cassie trying to teach Karone to have a little fun -- perhaps involving a karaoke bar.
Request 4: Kim/Trini, established relationship set during PR:DT (i.e. some reference to the events going on in Reefside).
My offers: Any characters up through Season 6 (PRiS) and also those in PR:DT are game, though I'm not terribly familiar with the plot for Zeo and Turbo (been a loooong time ^_^) so don't expect anything too plot-specific for those series.
Things I cannot write: I prefer not to write mentor/student or noncon and I'm very new to writing anything over rated 'R', but I'm willing to give that last a try.
Anything else? Only that it's sincerely possible that I'll run over the 750 words... so hopefully that won't be an issue. ^_^
Can you pinch hit? No.

Edited at 2011-07-08 02:59 pm (UTC)

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